Couples’ Therapy


Defining relationships between partners can be a complex and sometimes impossible task as every relationship is unique.  Being in a committed relationship requires individuals to invest an indeterminate amount of time and energy.  It also involves each partner allowing themselves to be somewhat vulnerable or at risk of getting hurt, which can be a difficult thing to do.

The strength of a partnership can be impacted by many issues that can either be brought into the relationship or develop once it has flourished.  These issues can challenge the individuals to confront themselves and each other.  Depending on the communication between the two, the relationship can build or it can suffer.  Couples counselling can help couples to celebrate the wonderful aspects of their relationship while working together to make positive changes that can foster feelings of security, trust and happiness further.

Topics that can be discussed and explored in couples’ counselling may include:

  • Communication differences and/or breakdown;
  • Conflict;
  • Trust issues;
  • Separation and Divorce; and
  • Emotional or physical connection

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