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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

∼ Nelson Mandela



Please find below the website for my talented colleague, Uresha Salgado, with whom I am expanding my practice to Orangeville.  She can also be reached at


Helpful Websites

Please find some helpful websites that I refer to on a regular basis and encourage my clients to use as well:

Anxiety BC – 

Teen’s Health –

Kids’ Health –

PrevNet (Bullying Resource) –

Dufferin Service Directory for Children and Families –


Embracing the Powerful Mind Newsletter

Below are newsletters that have been developed by myself and my colleague.  They provide helpful information about mental health and well-being.  Happy Reading!

Volume 1, Issue 1 – September 2016

Volume 1, Issue 2 – January/February 2017 *NEW*


I have recently been named one of many “experts” on marriage and relationships on  Please click here to check out all of the information and resources available on the site.

Online Marriage Counseling -

The following link will lead you to my most recent article for, entitled “Differing Communication Styles can Both Fail and Strengthen Your Relationship”:

Below is a link to my Master’s thesis dissertation about bullying and immigrant youth in Peel region, entitled “BULLYING, ETHNIC DISCRIMINATION, OR BOTH? A PHENOMENOLOGICAL STUDY OF THE EXPERIENCES OF IMMIGRANT ADOLESCENTS”

Special Thanks

It is always a blessing to have talented and creative people in our lives.  Special Thanks and appreciation to my friends, Winston and Teresa (, for their beautiful photographs that they were so gracious to allow me to use for this website.