Groups & Workshops


In partnership with a knowledgeable colleague, workshops and group training programs can be offered for individuals and families, as well as, front-line workers in mental health and social services.

For more information about our upcoming Parent Series groups, please read our latest newsletter, Embracing the Powerful Mind.  You can also find information about other groups that we are hoping to start throughout the year.

Groups Being Developed

Parent Groups

Communication, Supporting children/youth with anxiety and depression, Setting Boundaries

Youth Groups

Coping strategies, Managing Negative Thoughts and Emotions, Communication, relationships, Boundaries

Mental Health Awareness Workshops

I have started to develop and facilitate mental health awareness workshops in professional environments, such as private companies and non-profit organizations.  After a 1 hour consultation with you, I will create a workshop that meets your agency needs. Workshops include a Powerpoint presentation that will be shared with you for distribution and any relevant handouts. They can range from 1 hour to 2 full days, depending on the topic.

For more information regarding costs, please feel free to contact me here.

Web-based Courses/Workshops

Online courses can be helpful to learn about specific topics at your own convenience from any location.  Using a simple, web-based teaching platform, courses are being developed to support parents and teens with various mental health issues.  These courses will combine slide presentations, videos, handouts, and information guides to assist you.

Online courses can be purchased through the website for a flat fee.  Furthermore, online support is offered either by email or Inkblot video session (additional fee for video session only).

Stay tuned for updates on the first online course: “Supporting Your Anxious Teen”



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