Online Counselling

Forms of Online Services

Online Counselling is offered through video, telephone or email/text.

I use for video sessions, which is a telehealth platform that is PHIPPA compliant, secure and encrypted.

Text and email counselling is offered through a Secure Messaging platform through OWL practice, which are also encrypted and secure platforms.

You do not need a referral from a physician or other health care provider for my services. You do not need a formal diagnosis.

I currently do not provide services for situations that are in litigation or court proceedings, such as custody issues or motor vehicle accidents, that require payment through third parties.

I offer sessions to children and youth ages 5 to 18. Sessions with children ages 5 to 10 years usually include parental engagement as well, through regular debriefs or family sessions. This is preferably done using video sessions to allow the child to see me and engage in activities that are interactive. Although I am not a certified play therapist, I try to incorporate enjoyable activities when necessary and depends on the child’s/youth’s interest and readiness.

Younger ones can find 50 minute sessions to be difficult, so half-hour sessions are also offered to this age group.

As youth get older, they can complete sessions on the telephone or text/email if they prefer. However, video sessions are still recommended at some point.

Children & Youth Programs

Adult Supports & Services

I offer individual and couple* sessions through video, telephone and text/email methods.

Individual sessions are 50 to 55 minutes long. Couples sessions range from 75 to 90 minutes long. The frequency of sessions is essentially up to you, but I do ask that for the first 2 to 3 sessions, we meet weekly (if possible). This is an integral part of the therapy process where important information and history is shared and a healthy, trusting therapeutic relationship is being built.

*Due to the intensity that couple’s session can sometimes encompass, I have a limited amount of couples that I see at the same time. If my limit of couples has been met, you may be waitlisted or referred to an immediate support.

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