Training and Workshops

Online courses are currently in development to help support families on their own time. If you are interested in registering for any of these programs once they become available, please contact me and request to be on the waitlist, here.
Photo Credit: Teresa Sumerfield

Supporting Your Child/Teen with Anxiety or Depression Series

Self-paced course for parents who may be looking for an opportunity to understand their children or youth’s experiences of anxiety or depression better, as well as, ways to communicate, support and role model. Curriculum will incorporate slides, videos, and handouts that can be used at appropriate times.

Coping with Anxiety or Depression with Mindfulness, Journalling and Meditation

Self-paced course for individuals who may be struggling with anxiety or depression or have struggled in the past. Introduction to practices to foster presence and non-judgement, as well as, ways to express feelings and thoughts through writing will be included. Guided meditations, slides and handouts will be provided in this training.

Having Difficult Conversations with Your Child/Teen Series

Self-paced course for parents who are looking for ways to communicate difficult topics with their child or teen. Topics include: social justice issues (ex. racism, discrimination), gender and sexuality issues, romantic relationships, friendships, bullying, etc.

Managing Performance Anxiety for Children/Teens

Self-paced or online program to help children and youth cope with anxiety specifically related to performance, such as athletics and performing arts. Strategies can also help cope with anxiety related to academic performance and test anxiety.

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