E-Counselling Process through E-mail

Below is the standard process for e-counselling through email.  Each case in managed on an individual basis and this process may be modified based on each individual’s needs and situations.

  1. Intake.  An intake can be completed on the telephone or via email.  This step is a FREE consultation and it gives you an opportunity to meet me and make a decision about whether this method of counselling is suitable for you.
  2. Purchase email sessions. Sessions are available to purchase on an individual basis or in a package.  Please refer to my Fees and Rates page for more information.  The e-counselling fee incorporates the time that it will take me to read your email, process and reflect on the information, and develop my response.  It is estimated that a 1-2 page email will take approximately 50 to 60 minutes to process.  Any emails over two pages will be subject to an additional fee as it will take longer for me to follow the process.

Once your email sessions are purchased, I will forward you my hushmail email address, which is specifically used for e-counselling purposes.  Hushmail is a service that provides secure and encrypted email services to increase confidentiality practices.

  1. Consent Form and Counselling Agreement. This is a standard practice and allows you to review our rights and responsibilities, confidentiality policies, risks and benefits, and process information.  Before counselling begins, it is important for you to read and sign this form for your file.  You can also use this opportunity to ask any questions.
  2. Create your first email. Using my hushmail email address, you can send me your first encrypted email.  You can choose what to write about, such as what your main concerns may be, your history, your current situation, etc.
  3. My response. I will respond to your email within 48 hours and will include my clinical interpretations and reflections.  I may also provide you with handouts and/or resources that I believe may be helpful.  Please note that all correspondence will be saved to your confidential file.  Along with each response, you will receive a feedback form to explore your thoughts about my response and your experience.   This is your opportunity to let me know if this avenue of counselling is working for you and/or if you found my response to be helpful.  I will also ask for response from you within a suggested timeframe, which is approximately one week maximum.  This will ensure that your response is fresh from reviewing my email rather than waiting a prolonged period of time that may allow for memory and motivation to fade.

For more information on the risks and benefits of email counselling, please click here.

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