The Importance of Bedtime Routines with Children and Youth

Does your child/youth have difficulties falling asleep at night?  Do you find them walking in and out of their room, making several excuses about why they are still awake (“I have to go to the bathroom”, “I am thirsty”, “I forgot to tell you something”)?

Are you a child or youth who has been finding it hard to fall asleep?  Do you have a lot of thoughts that seem to race through your mind, just when you are trying to rest?  Are you waking up tired because you haven’t had a good night’s sleep?

Sleep problems can be very frustrating and can contribute to several challenges, both physically (ex. Fatigue, muscle tension, physical illness) and emotionally (ex. Difficulty concentrating, anxiety, irritability).  As a counsellor and a mother of young ones, I have learned the importance of emphasizing bedtime routines, which include calm activities and relaxation strategies.  Bedtime routines are crucial in training your mind to fall asleep after a sequence of activities that are predictable and consistent.Continue reading “The Importance of Bedtime Routines with Children and Youth”

New beginnings…


I am very happy to announce that I will be offering individual, family, and group therapy services to children and youth in Orangeville!  This is a very new and exciting endeavor and I look forward to meeting and supporting new people and families.

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