And Just Like That, We Say Goodbye to 2018!

Another year has come and gone, most likely with some highs and lows. It can be very easy for us to “filter” and direct our focus on our most difficult times, but recalling the steps forward, regardless of whether they are significant strides or tiny steps, is always helpful in maintaining hope for the year to come.  And so, here is my Year in Review: the Good, the Not-So-Good and the Hopeful.


The Business Side of Things…

47391672_10155644109676433_7427875961082740736_o2018 marked the first full year of me focusing on my private practice in both Orangeville and Georgetown/Brampton. I have had the privilege of meeting new people and connecting with different organizations to support the needs of these communities. Here are a few of the highlights:
  • My caseload has increased substantially in both locations and I am currently at capacity in the Orangeville office
  • There are currently open spaces in the Georgetown/Brampton office for Thursday morning and Sunday afternoons
  • I have started to facilitate Mental Health Awareness workshops for employers and employees and have received positive feedback
  • I have been invited to assist with a weekly Q & A session for new therapists to provide my support and advice
  • I have been asked to support the Reinvent and Restore Foundation, which is looking to provide support for caregivers of family members with Dementia and/or Alzheimer’s in Halton
  • In collaboration with my partner, Uresha Salgado, we launched a summer-based group in Georgetown for youth transitioning to high school

Important Changes to Client Services

44842689_10155566673806433_1821684084808613888_oDue to the increase in referrals this year, I have had to make some small but significant changes to some of my services. I am apologizing in advance if this causes any inconvenience to you at all.



  • Some of my hours have changed. I am now in the Orangeville office during the day on Mondays and Wednesdays and in the afternoon/evening on Saturdays. I am in the Georgetown/Brampton office during the day on Thursdays and on Sunday in the morning, afternoon and early evening.  In January, I will also be offering Telephone sessions if it is more convenient.
  • I am changing my current online booking program to another booking program. This program will be able to confirm appointments by email, as well as, text. You will also be receiving a log in to access my calendar if this process is easier for you. While I transition to this program, you may receive duplicate reminders, so I do apologize if this becomes excessive for a short time.
  • There is currently a 2 week waiting list (approximately) for Wednesday and Saturday appointments in Orangeville. I do have a cancellation list, if you prefer to be placed on it.  This would mean that you may be offered an earlier appointment if I receive 24 hours notice of a cancellation. If you wish to be on this list, please let me know.
  • Due to the current wait list, I am not able to guarantee “standing appointments”; however, I can book a maximum of 3 sessions in advance if this works better for you.
  • Additionally, my cancellation fees are now going to increase from $50.00 to $80.00 as appointment times appear to be more in demand. Cancellation fees are only charged if an appointment is cancelled late or if you decide not to show up.

46652409_10155627624971433_822630337631748096_oLooking Forward…

I am looking forward to new and exciting opportunities in 2019! These include:

  • Introducing the transition group in Georgetown again in the summer and launching it Orangeville for the first time;
  • Launching an online course for parents of adolescents with anxiety; and
  • Offering counselling services for the Reinvent and Restore Foundation for caregivers/family members in the Halton region.

One Last thing!!

You may receive an email from me shortly, with a request to complete a form updating your contact information. This is to ensure that all invoices and receipts are accurate and that confirmation emails and texts will be going to the appropriate addresses and numbers. It should only take a few minutes to complete. I appreciate your co-operation with this.

Many thanks and looking forward to working with you in 2019!!

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