Valentine’s Day: The Day to Celebrate LOVE for everyone

Photo Credit: Teresa Sumerfield Photography (

It’s February 14th…which means the romantic comedies and love songs have been playing on repeat for the past few weeks on television and radio, the jewellery commercials have been in full force to remind you of the “perfect” gift of diamonds, and the stores are littered with all shades of pink and red. It’s Valentine’s Day. For some, this day can be exciting and romantic. For others, this day can bring about feelings of loneliness and sadness. And for others, this day is just Thursday.

I’m not sure how and when Valentine’s day became such a publicized day for romantic expectations. It’s been like this for as long as I can remember. But as I get older (and wiser?!), I have placed less emphasis on Valentine’s Day as a day of celebrating my love for my partner. Instead, I try to focus on my love for EVERYONE, including myself.

I am lucky to be surrounded by love everywhere: my husband, my kids, my friends, my extended family…So I encourage you all to celebrate whomever and wherever you find love in your life. Treat yourself with kindness and do something nice for yourself. Let those around you know that you are thinking of them and wish them a wonderful day. Send positive thoughts to those who you feel may be struggling. Do or say something nice to those around you. Smile. Laugh. Do whatever your love language governs you to do for yourself and others. And, of course, remember that it shouldn’t take one day to remind us to share our love for ourselves and others – it really should happen every day.

So, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to you and your loved ones. You deserve all the happiness and love in the world. Every day of the year.

Photo Credit: Teresa Sumerfield Photography

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